Ramsey Powers High Volume Water Pump that Floats

Ramsey Products was recently granted two United States patents (US 8,322,522 B2, US 8,356,709, US 2013/0087436 A1) for Lifeguard wear protected chains.

Ramsey's Lifeguard® Conveying Chain - Protection So Unique, It's Been Granted Three United States Patents.

Unlike any chain available today, Lifeguard conveying chains utilize unique interlocking side links that not only guard against pin head wear, but also greatly reduce the size of gaps between adjacent side plates. With much smaller gaps between the side plates, smooth product transfer on and off the conveying surface is assured and the potential for snagging on lateral guides is reduced. These features translate directly to fewer ware handling problems, extended chain life, and improved productivity. Lifeguard® is available in 1/2" pitch, as well as 1" pitch extended pitch.


Ramsey's Newest Video in our "How To" Series:

How to Connect/Disconnect Silent Chain with a Single Pin Joint.

A frequently asked question for the Ramsey Customer Service team concerns how to perform a field connection of our silent chain. In order to provide the best instructions, we decided to put together a brief video to illustrate the basics of connecting and disconnecting Ramsey Silent Chain.

Ramsey Powers High Volume Water Pump that Floats

Ramsey Silent Chain Case Study:

An innovative company in South America designs and builds high volume floating water pumps.Their pumps are compact, portable, self-contained units that can be quickly and easily set up to relocate water from one area to another. The pumps, designed for long term, continuous operation and capable of handling very large flows, required a drive system that could keep up and hold up. Company engineers chose a Ramsey Chain drive system because of its high performance power transmission chains and sprockets.

Ramsey Chain Celebrates 90 Years

In recognition of this milestone, and in appreciation of our many dedicated employees, we offer this glimpse into our company. Raymond Karns. 42 Years With Ramsey And Still Going Strong, Even Though He Retired Eight Years Ago. Raymond Karns loves to fish. So in 2005, when he retired from Ramsey and went part-time, he did a lot of fishing. But after seven years, Raymond decided he'd fished enough. He "got bored, and missed his friends. And there was a lot of work to do at Ramsey." So Raymond came back to work full-time in March of 2012, at the age of 72.